Is MagicBook Pro Worth Buying

Is MagicBook Pro Worth Buying

The screen is equipped with a 16.1-inch IPS screen. The screen is with 100% sRGB high color gamut. The width of the upper, left and right sides of the border has reached 4.9 mm. The length-width ratio is 16: 9. It has a screen ratio of 90%. We can view the 16.1-inch screen without zooming at 1080P resolution.

An excellent notebook is to run fast. It should have good sound quality and a screen comfortable to watch. There is no doubt about these of the new Ruilong version of HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020. In terms of performance, HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 's new Ruilong version is equipped with AMD Ruilong 5 4600H processor. It is equipped with 6 cores, 12 threads. The intelligent overclocking can reach 4.2 GHz. There are 16GB DDR4 dual-channel memory blessings. Opening multiple software at the same time is not a problem.

The new generation of MagicBook Pro has added a high-energy mode. Just press Fn+p, we can open the mode at the same time. This can release the performance of the processor. The running power with full load for a long time can be stable at about 45W.

It installs version 2.0 shark fin double fan for heat dissipation. This increases the air volume by 20%. Game-level motors are installed inside the fan. It can increase the rotation speed. It adds two pure copper heat pipes. Six temperature sensors combines with chord wave drive technology. Intelligent linkage of double fans to reduce fan noise. The new Reelon version of HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 is designed with dual fans. The fan matches with a powerful fan motor. This is to bring higher speed and air volume. It can ensure cool experience and stable high-performance release. It ensures high-efficiency heat dissipation and low noise. It provides a good experience.

For nuclear display, dual-channel memory is necessary. If adopting a single channel, the memory bandwidth will restrict the performance of GPU. It is with at least 40% performance loss. MagicBook Pro uses 16GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory with a bandwidth of 42.6 GB/S.

HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 's new Ruilong version can open files in the mobile phone. This is through multi-screen collaboration. Laptops and mobile phone files can transmit to each other. It integrates Laptops, mobile phone and tablet into distributed systems. This is by using computing power and professional system power. By buying the laptop, you can get an IOT device entrance. This is to open the smart conversation.

In terms of sound effects, HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 Ruilong Edition also brings immersive surround sound effects. With the design of dual speakers, it can virtualize surround sound effects. It can restore more real and good sound.

HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 's new Ruilong Edition uses a high-strength metal body. The body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with excellent texture. Thin to 16.9 mm, light to 1.7 kg, light and free. Whether such a laptop is worth buying depends on your choice.


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