10 Awesome Camouflage Watch To Own Right Now • Tough Tactical Watches

10 Awesome Camouflage Watch To Own Right Now • Tough Tactical Watches

10 Awesome Camouflage Watch To Own Right Now

If you are notice, in the last two-three years camouflage watch or “camo watch” seems to be become more and more popular – and if you’ve already done your research in camouflage watch, then you know that many different watch company make many different types of camouflage watches which range in features, durability, and price.The camouflage watch design has been developed into a whole new level right now. Literally, there are a bunch of camouflage watch with different the combination of colors available in the market and most of them were designed to be tough – durable looking watch.I think this is great news for everyone though. It means that we have more choices when buying camouflage watches for your. Whenever you are a military person or just street fashion lovers, watch with camouflage design is very cool and stylish indeed, and you can wear the watch to compliment any occasion and any outfit.

  Having said that, I’ve compiled five ten of the best camouflage watches available right now and most of it make you stand out in a crowd – ironically. See through each picture in gallery below – at the end of it, you’ll know why.G-SHOCK GD-X6900CM-5 CAMO SERIESThe GD-X6900CM-5 series are part of the fist camouflage-printed band, case and bezel by Casio G-Shock. Released in February, 2014 GD-X6900CM has been received a lot of positive reviews from G-Shock enthusiasts and collectors around the world in terms of Tiger Camouflage pattern. The first G-Shock GD-X6900CM comes in a tan/khaki color (G-Shock GD-X6900CM-5) and a grey color (G-Shock GD-X6900CM-8).

  Later on, Casio G-Shock also released the The GD-X6900TC series, inspired by tiger stripes of the GD-X6900CM series but with positive EL backlight instead negative EL.Price : Around $150 USD – See here for update price on Amazon.back to menu ↑TIMEX Expedition® Grid Shock TW4B029009J Camouflage SeriesIf you on the budget, I think you love this watch. Inspired by their much-loved Timex WS4 design, The Timex ExpeditionTW4B029009J Camo series is rugged and cool looking watch. Bear in mind, this watch is relatively BIG, for someone with smaller hands/wrists it might be an issue. Despite of the big appearance, the watch is very lightweight and it’s BIG ENOUGH to display time and date.

  The Timex Expedition TW4B Caamo features vibrate alarm, times and powered-up with INDIGLO nigh-light for after dark. TIMEX Expedition Grid Shock Camouflage TW4B series comes with two different woodland color to choose from Green Timex Expedition TW4B029009J and Grey Timex Expedition TW4B030009J.back to menu ↑G-SHOCK GA-100CM-5A CAMO SERIESIf you prefer an analog-digital display camouflage watch, the G-Shock GA-100CM-5A is the best choice for you. Dual time, and opting for a more tactical-typical minimalist woodland camo dressing, the GA-100CM-5 series are straight class.

  The GA-100CM series comes with a traditional woodland camo pattern on the face, band and case with three different colors to choose – Red (GA-100CM-4A), Brown (GA-100CM-5A), and Gray (GA-100CM-8A).Price : Around $150 USD – See here for update price on Amazon.comback to menu ↑TIMBERLANDCADION 13554JPBRCamouflage WatchIf you are looking for a new camouflage watch for your collection then this TIMBERLAND CADION 13554JPBR Camouflage is the ideal pick. Timberland Cadion features a stainless steel bazel and resin strap, both with matching camouflage design with scratch resistant mineral crystal glass.

  Price : With retail price is $120 USD we think this is well worth the money, a great looking watch. See here for update price. hint: it’s a lot cheaper on Amazon.comback to menu ↑NIXON RHYTHM Woodland CamouflageNixon Rhythm is build tough enough and specially made for water sport enthusiasts. Powered up with tide graph function with digital module serves up tide information on 270 beaches worldwide – awesome isn’t. Other features including water resistant up to 100 meter, full auto-calendar, daily alarm, countdown timer and chronograph.

  A woodland camo pattern seems works well with this style – a cool watch for a long day at the beach… wait what? woodland? .. on the beach? never mind…Price : Retail price around $125 USD. See here for update price on Amazon.hint: it’s a lot cheaper on Amazon.comback to menu ↑ROCKWELL Realtree Coliseum Signature SeriesJudging by its look, Realtree camo watches by Rockwell are designed perfectly for outdoor activities like hunting, hiking or camping with its “realtree” camouflage pattern. The case construction is ABS and the band is made of Polyurethane (PU) with the features include dual time, a countdown timer, chronograph with 50-lap memory and eight personal alarm.

  Price : The Realtree Coliseum Camo Watch by Rockwell, available in a variety of Realtree camo patterns with price range between $130-$140 USD. See here for update price on Amazon.back to menu ↑ROCKWELL Realtree Godfrey Iron Rider 2.0 – STK Signature SeriesAnother watch from Rockwell, The Rockwell Realtree Iron Rider comes with ABC feature – but that’s not all it does. Besides your regular watch functions, it can also keep track of your vertical during a day of skiing, or alert you if you’ve hit a certain altitude when you’re hiking.

  Price : ROCKWELL® Realtree® Godfrey Iron Rider 2.0 retail price $270 USD. But you can find less cheaper on Amazon.com.back to menu ↑CASIO PROTREK PRG-300CM-3 SeriesFirst released in June, 2015 – Casio Protrek PRG-300CM Camouflage series adopts the camouflage patterns that being popular in the G-Shock range. Protrek PRG-300CM-5 features an upgraded triple sensor V3 for all its major functions, including Compass bearing, Altitude/atmospheric pressure, and Temperature measurement.

  Actually, there are two different camouflage style to choose in PRG-300CM right now ; The PRG-300-3 (green camo), PRG-300-4 (orange camo) and PRG-300-7 (white camo). Anyone who wants a lightweight and slim solar ABC watch, this watch is perfect for you.Price : Between $280-$300 USD. See here for update price on Amazon.back to menu ↑G-SHOCK “FROGMAN” GF-8250CMWhen talking about “what is the toughest G-Shock watch ever“, the G-Shock Frogman is always part of it. G-shock Frogman GF-8250CM is part of G-Shock “Men In Camouflage series” along with GW-9300CM Mudman and GW-9400CM Rangeman back in February, 2015. In Japan, compared with other model from the same Men In Camouflage series, this particular model, G-shock Frogman GF-8250CM was sold out right after it was released!. That’s insane!.

  G-Shock GF-8250CM comes with navy blue camouflage pattern – blue green EL and also packed with awesome features like a Solar-powered (branded as Tough Solar Power) movement, an ISO 6425 (divers’ watches standard) certification, atomic timekeeping and the Tide & Moon Graphs.Price : G-SHOCK “FROGMAN” GF-8250CM retail price around $500 USD. See here for update price on Amazon right now.back to menu ↑MAHARISHI x G-SHOCK GD-X6900MHThe GD-X6900MH is part of colaboration between G-Shock and Maharishi, designed with the brands Lunar Bonsai Camouflage pattern. The “pattern” as Maharishi describes is “infiltrated by a textural photographic moon surface within the pre-existing heavenly could shapes”.

  Base on GD-X6900 series, The limited edition of G-Shock GD-X6900MH features include water resistant Up To 200 Meters, shock resistant with Alpha-Gel Insulation, daily alarms with Flash Alert, Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, and 12/24 hour military time.Price : G-Shock GD-X6900MH retail price around $350 USD. See here for update price on Amazon right now.So.. Which one is your favourite? – if you feel like I missed a watch that needs to be included on the list, let me know in the comments below!.

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