What are the features of the iPhone12 camera?

What are the features of the iPhone12 camera?


There was a time when the iPhone camera was considered the gold standard for smartphones. The best smartphones on the market will be compared to the iPhone. In recent years, Android smartphones have developed rapidly in photography. The iPhone has gone from the best on the market to one of the best.

The iPhone 12, Apple's new line, is coming out in 2020. For the new series of camera capabilities, people also have a lot of discussion. Here's an experience of iPhone 12 photography.

When you only look at the sensor, the camera settings on the iPhone 12 don't seem to have been upgraded much. However, the overall functionality of these sensors has been improved. The 12MP wide sensor is now combined with F / 1.6 aperture. It makes the iPhone 12's photography function better in all aspects.


Night photography.

What impressed us most about the iPhone 11 last year was the night mode. And the iPhone 12 is even better. This benefits from the use of ultra wide sensors. Night mode can detect when the light level drops. You will be prompted to keep the phone still according to the situation. The image is then illuminated by calculating the exposure of the image.

The photos taken by the new series of mobile phones in low brightness environment are also very clear. However, you need to compose the picture correctly and keep the camera still. If you shake the camera too much during exposure, the quality of the photo will be greatly reduced. Generally, "night mode" can bring some details to the night scene. The shooting effect of "night mode" is amazing. But the disadvantage is that the processing speed of the photo is a little slow.

Smart HDR 3 technology

iPhone 12's Smart HDR 3 technology also makes photos more textured. Especially in certain scenarios. For example, the backlight, the light is too strong, and when shooting the sky upside down. Smart HDR 3 in the iPhone 12 series will take advantage of machine learning technology. Intelligently adjust the white balance, contrast, texture and saturation of photos. Make the picture look very natural. Avoid exposure and loss of detail.

Portrait mode

In the algorithm of background virtualization, the real effect can be improved by machine learning. Through the virtual background, to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the portrait. The portrait mode on the 12 series front camera has improved on hair edge processing. And portrait mode can also be used with night mode. Night mode will start automatically when the light is weak. It greatly reduces the appearance of black face paste. The color of the whole environment remains bright and natural.


Video capture

For video enthusiasts, the iPhone 12 is also fascinating. The first is the addition of anti shake function. Secondly, HDR function can also be applied when shooting video. But the iPhone 12's HDR is a Dolby horizon type. The same HDR function is required for video playback devices. Otherwise, you can't see the effect.


In addition, the iPhone 12 can only record at 4K at 30fps. Therefore, if you want to make the most of Dolby Vision, it's best to choose iPhone 12 pro or pro Max. They can be processed at 60 fps for smoother video.



Through the above evaluation, we can see that the iPhone 12 is really good enough in terms of shooting. If you need photography, you can start with this series. I believe it can complete some shooting tasks well.

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